LOW Idle and Boucing Tach

really need help i just put my motor back together and check all vaccum lines and collant lines and i have a brand new o2 sensor. revs up high on cold starts up to 3k rpm and when it warms up and the temperature reaches half way point rpm drops to 2k and bounces up and down…HELP!!~

TTT I have the same prob

Recheck your vacuum lines and EGR for any leaks.



embaressed to ask, but, what it EGR, and were are the Vacume lines

mine does that but i got cams.

check all your vacuum lines to see if any are broken and make sure they are going to the right places. some models dont have EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). if i spelled it right.

where is the egr located and can it be replaced? i know its not my TPS sensor but feel like its my IACV in the back of the manifold its been hittingmy strut bar since the install could this have damaged it?