Lower control arm help!

I twisted my lower control. I got a new and am tring to get the old one off! Got everything off except the bold in the very back of it! Sadly I broke the head off of it (damn rust). Does anyone know if on the other end of this bold, the end thats in behind some guard, is there a nut? And is it a welded nut or a loose one! If its loose, i’m ok, if not, its going to be problems! So anyone know how to get this out! Thanks!

Ryan aka Curbkilla!

Well I’m not sure if the other side of the bolt can be turned.

Lets just assume it cant. Here is how you’re going to have to get the broken bolt out. There is a tool that is specifically made to get headless bolts out. It looks like a drill bit and almost any hardware store will carry it. Its called a bolt extractor.

You’ve got to drill into the bolt with a 1/4 inch drill bit. You only need to go into the head about 1/8 of an inch. Then with the bolt extractor, put that into the divit you’ve made with the drill. Turn the bolt extractor counterclock wise and that will unscrew you’re stuck bolt.

I’ve done this on many bolts and its a life saver. The extractor only costs a few bucks and its worth having around.


Yeah I got those anyways! But are they very good on stuborn rusted bolts?


You can only try and hope for the best. On a stuborn bolt I’d drill a hole maybe 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch deep, then try the bolt extractor.


when in doubt get a lot of liquid wrench and a big hammer. soaking the bolt and hammering the heck out of it may loosen up the rust then try the extractor again. Other than that a blow torch may come in handy:rolleyes:

I hate to be the guy with bad news, The nut is welded on the other side ! I just removed two front control arms from a 90 LS at the salvage yard. your best bet is the extractor, make sure to buy a good one. I had one break off in the bolt that I was trying to remove on my old 74 Wagoneer. what a bastard drilling through the hardened steel extractor. Good luck.

If you don’t care about the control arm, just torch the thing off, leaving a good chunk of the bold that is stuck in the other side hanging out… then heat up the welded nut and lockonto the bold with some vice grips and try to get it out… if you have access to a welder then you can weld something to the bolt and use that to pull on. I broke mine off to, its still in there because my control arm didn’t need to be replaced. I just welded the bolt to the mount where the head broke off.

good luck, its gonna be a bitch, and if its the passanger front control arm, i don’t think you can get at it to drill without taking the tranny out.

happy new year :slight_smile:

Thanks Burnsie! I was thinkig about that. I’d cut the arm off, then cut the mount part in half, slide the other half off, then heat the bolt a bit then try and get it out! How hard is it to cut though with a torch? I’ll give it ago next year:) I’ll keep ya posted!


torch should cut through that like butter, save as much of the bolt as you can, that way you have more to pull on…

My father broke mine off just as i was on my way to get a torch to losten it up. needless to say i was pissed.