lower control arm removal

I’m trying to get to my alternator, and the only thing standing in my way is removing the CV axle… I’ve tried 2 types of pullers to remove the lower control arm from the axle hub, but the dam thing won’t budge! Any ides?

so after you remove the BJ castle nut … you tryed prying it with a crowbar???
spray with some WD40 … and or if not … remove the bolt holding the other end of the LCA to the chassi and take it off from there ( oyu would have ot also remove the link kit from the stabilizer bar and also the radius rod 2 connectons to the LCA , it is a PITA but if it`s the only way … … separate it later once out of the car if oyu feel like it … if not jsut retighten the BJ castle nut

Checker auto parts has the perfect tool for it. If I knew how to post pics, I would…but anyway, I had the same prob with the lower control arm also.And you need a very good ball joint popper or a very big and long crowbar to break that joint free. The ball joint tool is much better though. It looks like a c-clamp, but the threaded part is in the middle…and it is somewhat small, which is good because our LCAs are small too, and standard suspension tools dont work well. Go see if you can find it, it is only $10…I wish I could post a pic because it is a lifesaver

You could remove the bracket that holds the intermidiate shaft and remove it through there. I saw it somewhere here and i tried it. It does actually work.

that part of the lower control arm that connects to the axle hub is an absolute pain… i abandonded taking my lca off and then re-opened the mission a few months later… i eventually got that bit off by using a 3 claw pulley… it was a fairly small pulley and it took about 3-4 times as it slowly bit by bit came off…

i think the ones people use are 2 claw… but my 3 claw pulley managed to do the job.

i just did a bunch of work on my car and i can get to the alternator just fine using a gear wrench.

How’d you get it out with the axle in the way?

You unbolt the transaxle bracket, swing it away from the block(Downward) and angle the alternator through the space that has been created. I do it this way now. I’ve done it twice already.

nevermind, i am a moron. i just had to take my alternator out because it seized, and i had to remove the axle completely. the bolt holding it to the bracket was seized also, so i had to remove the braket along with the alternator (think bloody knuckles).

lower control arm removal

i snap axles all the time on my 90 ls-T just hit the axle with a rubber or plastic coated hammer comes out real easy.