Lower Starter Bolt Size

Does anyone have the size (length, thread size,etc.) for the lower starter bolt on a b-series (b16)? Honda only knows the part number…thanks.

not sure on the length. im guessing about 120mm. and its an m10x1.25

Doh! I just looked this up yesterday since I had to order one.

Archon, is there any way you can look it up or remember what it is? Thanks.

  • Duy

Ha… duy is talking to duy


I’ll post when I go pick it up later.

Duy, did you ever figure out the size?

Sorry man, I’ve been busy trouble shooting my swap.

Call the dealer. The program that they use to find parts will tell them exactly what the measurements are. I think it was 110mm long


OK to finalize this thread is the lower mounting bolt size

M10 X 1.25 X 110 or M10 X 1.25 X 120 ?