lowered...aligned...camber still bad?

ok i got my car lowered on weapon-r coilovers, kyb gr-2 struts, obx camber kit with i believe a max of 5 degreee camber adjustment AND north star upper adjustable ball joints up to 1 degree, i got the car align but is still eating tires on the inside, maybe the people who aligned it did a bad job? or is somewthing else wrong? im not lowered very far at all tires arent even near the fenders yet, im also asking because im tired of always buying tires but im also wanting to get some sportmax 002,rota gt-3, rota j-mag’s, or Drag DR-16. i want to go with a 16" rim and lower the car more if i can get my alignment right in the end, but what offset would i need from those rims to fit perfect, and what size tires to fit the rims? i want them to look low profile on the 16"s so maybe a 205/40/16?

Try taking your car to another shop to get an alignment if your still having bad tire wear? Just a suggestion. Does it look like you still have any negative camber anymore or are the wheels pretty straight? If your toe is out it will eat tires a helluva lot faster then what camber will.

The offset question all depends on how wide of a wheel you buy as that has an affect on it. I’m running a 15x6.5 Mugen RNR’s with a +38 offset and the wheels are flush with the fender. I don’t have 16’s so I can’t answer your question about tire size but i’m sure it’s been asked before.

i have searched on the tire size so i got some general idea of what i need the rims im looking at have a +15 offset i believe, my tires looks straight but a few months back my rack and pinion seals went bad and i lost all my power steering now i have to hold my steering wheel slightly to the left to go straight and if i hold the steering wheel straight it goes to the right.i didnt know that would eat the inside of my tires too if thats what it is.

Why 2 camber kits?

Did YOU adjust your camber kits?

Did the alignment shop you took the car to know how to adjust your camber kits?

Did you get a printout giving your alignment specs when they were done? If so, what were the specs? If not… you went to a crappy shop.

Did your steering issues happen before or after you had the alignment done? LIke the other guy said, your toe will effect tire wear a LOT more than camber.

the shop that did it, did it alil different, um they didnt give me a print out but they saved it to there computer…they let me sit there and watch them do the alignment and watch the computer readings right in front of them, the steering thing happened like 3 months AFTER they aligned it, it has been awhile, i dont really have 2 camber kits, just the ball joing i have can be adjusted for that extra caster or camber if needed

Just because they let you watch means nothing. Do you know anything about alignment settings? or what they mean? If you don’t, then being there to watch is useless, you need an actual printout of the final settings. Whether it’s a digital printout or a slip the tech fills out when he’s done (Darren of West End alignment here in Socal does his alignments by hand, lets you sit in the car while it’s being aligned, lets you choose whatever settings you want, and gives you the settings on a piece of paper when he’s done…best alignment shop I’ve seen by far).

If something happened to your car and now you need to turn the steering wheel to go straight… your alignment has been effected, it is not going to be set to the same specs that the alignment tech set them to. You need it checked again. It’s very possible the alignment was just fine before.

So now you say you don’t have two camber kits? In your first post you specifically stated you had an OBX kit AND a “north star” ball joint kit. Maybe you are referring to one in the front and one in the rear?

Also, could you please link to this “north star” camber kit? I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never seen a ball joint kit which lets you adjust caster and camber…

do you have a warranty on the alignment?

I think i’m pretty sure i have one when i got my alignment done. Those camber kits might have come loose or out of alignment. But camber shouldnt be too much of an issue if everything else is okay…


here is a link for one of them cant seem to get a picture but my bad i guess u could conisder it another cmaber kit but basically its a upperball joint built with an offset and u can loosen the top of the joint and turn the whole ball joint anyway u like or need for an alignment