ls crank ls rods gsr pistons in ls block

Alright, so I have a ls block with all this inside

  • ls crank
  • ls rods
  • gsr pistons
  • brand new rings
  • bearings
  • brand new type r oil pump
  • brand new thermostat
  • arp bolts
  • golden eagle head studs
  • brand new gaskets

I’m worried that its not a correct build. I bought it like this and i’ve never really messed with something like this. The guy I bought it from said it was smoking white smoke before it was pulled out. So, I needed an outside opinion on what I should do. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

GSR pistons will work in an LS block on LS rods, it will up the compession to about 10 to 1.

White smoke… Blown head gasket or water in your coolant

No smoke no blown head gasket. It will just make you have the same compession as an GSR. And a little more power

Water in his coolant? WE WOULD HOPE SO :giggle: Mabey he meant Coolant in your Oil or the other way round


lol yea my bad alotta things going through this head hahaha[QUOTE=R1titan911;2203085]Water in his coolant? WE WOULD HOPE SO :giggle: Mabey he meant Coolant in your Oil or the other way round


what do you have to do to get ls rods on gsr pistons ppl say you have to shave the rods or something? i have some gsr pistons i think it would be cool to build a all motor ls with them just to do it i didnt know they could go in a ls straight up

GSR Pistons fit with no mods If you have an Type R pistion you will have to do a mod to the piston

here is the info

Rod mod Type r.jpg

you will need to shave apx 1mm off each side of the small end of the ls rods to fit gsr or type r pistons will give you 10:1 cr with oem headgasket ls crank and ls head

im installing gsr pistons onto my ls rods, i have to shave the rods to fit em

cool thanks for the info guys, dont jdm spec gsrs have 10.6:1? j/w because thats what i have

yea you might be right about that, not sure… i have p72 pistons, and ls rods, crank in a b18a1

yeah i got these for 30 buck with only 40,000 miles on them rods and pistons, how much quicker does it make it seem?


funny you should ask, the stock cr is 9.2:1 so its a pretty big increase, plus im runing a obx header, 2.5 catback, cai & greddy emanage, im still putting everything together now, i just started porting the head tonight and ordered all new main and rod bearings so i should have them by this weekend

i hope to have everything together by May 1st

sounds like a sick setup man you should make a vid when its together haha i am planning on going turbo when i get everything rounded up i have eagle rods i traded obx cams for cause they were vtec and i always heard those cams are trash i only had a pair of head rests in them lol but while im runing turbo i want to build a simple all motor setup with the gsr pistons and cams + port and polish

sick, im building this teg to flip for some extra cash then im re turboing my rsxs

sweet are you painting it or just building the engine, im guessing you blew up the rsx once?

im painting the car camo grenn, just finished painting, swapped out the blue interior for black interior, completely rebuilding the engine, catback, header, cai, gsr pistons, ported head, 18", eibach springs, hids, emanage and tune, think thats it haha

i had the greddy turbo kit on my rsxs and the emanage took a shit so i sold the kit and bought a k24 and kpro, now i make just as much wtq with the k24 and kpro than i did with the turbo kit

sweet i would like to have the teg, it sounds like the rsx will be really sick when your finished what are you looking to get to the wheels

once the teg is done its goin up for sale, ill post it on here too

turbo k24 should have no prob making 300+ whp