LS or LsVtec build plans ideas help thoughts opinions ect ect.

juss got myself back into a DA after 6yrs of having all these civics and i wanna make this my last car to be built…its pretty clean check out my other thread pics of my 91 neways looking to do an ls/vtec setup soo lmk whats out there…a simple setup that will do damage in the streets

ive got a jdm Ls swap right + Ls tranny for now

i believe the tranny is tired it has about 230k and has been attached to lik 3 motors lets juss say i know who ownd the car before me so i wanna get another tranny thinkin about the b17 1st because of the gear ratios and next inline is the b16 and ofcourse lastly the b18 Ls tranny…ive been seaching but with some luck juss no money once i find it but then again idk how bad my tranny is havnt drove the car in lik 2 months now since picking it up i kno 3rd was grinding and the pedal is high so i know i do need a new clutch. so either of those trans with a stage 3 4 puck spung clutch

For the head i have a an OBX exhaust camshaft bseries for either heads, 4-1 header already installed on the LS that im going to reuse…want to go with a B16 head would an obd2 head matter?? j/w because they’re easier to come by

Exhaust piping- Cat-less 2 1/2 piping to an exhaust

Wiring-the car is obd0 by switch for vtec?? jump everything to obd1?

Intake manifold-Your inputs???

All in all juss go with what i have with a tranny clutch upgrade or go Ls/vtec

Everything is going to depend on your budget and your goals/intentions for your car.

If you’re decently happy with the LS motor as it is, find yourself a B16 tranny to shorten up the gears and it will make your car feel like it has a bit more pep.

If you’re wanting to spend 3grand or so, you can have yourself a decent LSVtec motor.

As I said, it completely depends on the goals you have for your car, and if you have the funds to reach those goals.

From my personal build, this is what I did:

Motor, freshly built.

  • B18B, 81.5MM bore, fresh from the machine shop
  • Micro-Polished B18B Crank
  • Crower B18B Rods w/ ARP 2000 studs
  • JE Pistons, 11.6:1’ish compression
  • Calico Bearings all around
  • ARP Main Bolts
  • ARP Headstuds
  • OEM ITR Oil Pump
  • GMB Water Pump
  • Gates Racing Blue Timing Belt


  • '99 B16a3 PR3 Head
  • Fresh 3-angle valvejob
  • '00 JDM ITR/CTR P73 Cams
  • Skunk2 Pro-Series Adjustable Cam Gears
  • ITR Lost Motion Assemblies
  • ITR Dual Valve Springs/Retainers
  • ITR P73 Type-R Intake Manifold
  • eBay 4-1 header; 2.5" Collector
  • RS*R ExMAG Exhaust System
  • CarSOUND 2.5" Hi-Flow Cat

'91 JDM XSi/B16 trans with 4.4 Final Drive
Raybestos OEM-Replacement Clutch Disk
Exedy OEM-Replacement Pressure Plate
B18B Flywheel, freshly balanced

OEM Non-A/C Firewall plug
OEM Non-A/C Heater Duct
A/C Delete
P/S Delete with in-line filter
JDM One-Piece Headlights (soon to be installed)
GoldenEagle LS-Vtec Kit

Dont mind the non-motor stuff there… But to buy all of that stuff, and machine it all, and have it built, ran me over 5grand.

So… Yes LSVtec is a great way to go, but if you dont have the means to build it… Then just stick with the basic bolt ons and maybe a B16 trans and just leave it as is.

well the goal/intentions is to be a weekend warrior lol…but how long did the whole motor build take? my friend gave me a spare LS long block which i had intentions to build but ended up going south the block needs new sleeves…gotta perfect LS crank outta of it which i plan on getting machined… i am happy with the jdm LS right as is so a tranny will greatly improve it along with the the obx exhaust camshaft and my piping…

If you have all the parts up front and ready to go then a motor build will take about a week and a half…

What I mean by intentions and goals is what kind of power? With all the stuff I did to my motor I’m still going to be right under 200whp/145wtq, which is just what I was going for… a mid 14 second car that I can daily drive.

With a b16 trans and a set of cams in an LS you’re still at about a 16second car, but the torque and short gears will get you up to speed quicker than with the LS trans… are you wanting a 300whp 12 second car? Or something reliable that you can daily drive and have fun with? Maybe a motor build isn’t what you should be looking in to… a gsr/b16 swap sounds like it would reach your goals and be a bit easier.