LS/Vtec b16a swap?

If i spend $1,500, approximately the price of a b16a on beginning LS/Vtec for my b18a with 200,000 or so miles (the last guy rolled it back on me), what would i have better results with?

I would like to replace my block, either grab a b18b bottom, and b16a head, etc, or what, i’m wondering how reliable you think this would be, and if you would advise doing this over a b16a swap?

I’ve seen some people really rag on the b16a as for no torque, and if I did do this swap, i would be driving it stock for awhile, and supposedly stock the b16a is… well 1.6 liters.

thanks for the help

Don’t waste your money on the b16a especially if it’s 200,000 miles on it. Save your money and do it right the first time around. I’m currently running on a fully built b18a block, but if you really want power you should invest in higher compression pistons, new rings, honed, bearings, etc… or else you won’t really feel the power.

200,000 mile b16a? no, my b18a has like 200,000 miles, but okay, so you say definetely go b18a, and not ls/vtec?

what about a new head, should i redo my current head or grab a b18b head and work from there… thanks

if i was you i would either get just a b16a or a b20 and call it a day…You can always inprove from that…