ls/vtec help

I have a b16 vtec in my teg but am thinking of upgrading to a ls/vtec i dont know wheather to build the b16 up or do the b18a with the b16 head, i would like to keep the redline the same if not greater with the ls vtec but dont know the advantages or disadvantages of the ls/vtec any replies would be helpfull just put whitch you would do and why and if someone can please explaine the redline factor on the ls/vtec is and what the max would be thanks

if your using stock pistons on the b18a then i would not rev past 6,500-7,000…If it’s fully built then i would say 8k to 8.5k should be fine…But if your going to do it please do it the right way…It’s sad to see this motor setup get a bad name cause people do not do it correctly from the start and then complain when it doesn’t last on them…Make sure that you get everything balanced and new bearings…