ls/vtec hp??

question - if i do the ls/vtec, what horsepower can i expect from it (just with a basic conversion, no money for wild N/A setup - i wish!!) and will that horsepower be useable in the 5500-7000 rpm range, i don’t really need 8000k for street driving (tho i like to drive “quickly” and “spirited”, specially round corners) and is it dead set reliable in that rpm range and thirdly, and most importantly, how much will this all cost parts and labour, in canadian dollars please (or american and someone tell me aprrox how much to multiply by, 1.5?) (note: i have the 90 1.8 ls engine in my car with 240+ k’s, so i would basically rebuild the bottom to stock and add a vtec head) opinions, answers would be appreciated, THANX

you can find that answer on TEG TIPS i even went as far finding the link for you. your answer to all of your questions are on that page
TEG TIPS on LS/VTEC conversion

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yeah yeah, i know about that, read it bout 3 times. my questions that still remain are - was that in canadian or american (i don’t remember seeing any thing that says either way) and i don’t remember reading bout whether or not it wuz VERY reliable in the specific rpm range, hopin to get a conclusive answer to those questions, thanks whomever relplies

its called search… i mean come on man, thats all answered if u just spend 1 hour searchin…

but basically wat do u mean by redoin the bottom end to stock specs? new ls pistons? or just blueprinting?

i just got done w/my setup but if you just want a mild build get:

arp rod & head bolts - 150
gasket set, round 100
belts - 150?
head - 500 or so
ecu - 150to200 depends on wat use
oil line kit 120
misc (oil, filter, head tap kit, silicone, etc) 100-150

optional but rec.
rod bearings - 50 at napa or w/e
shotpeening rods round 120to150
vtec oil/water pumps… not sure…

this is all american money, all i can think of, but yea, dont expect much w/o higher comp. pistons or a good header/cat/exhaust combo and an intake.

and yes you can take it to 5k to 7k reliably

“An open mind is more useful than an open mouth.”
EFI 101 certified