ls/vtec knock senor ?

i did an ls/vtec on my 91 ls is going 2 use a pr3 ecu just need to know want is the best place 2 hook up the knock senor. can i just attach it to a piece of metal inside the car and hook 2 the ecu. and will the vtec oil pressure switch work when attached 2 the ecu.

thaks 4 the help

You’re going to have to tap a hole (not all the way through!!!) on the back of your block by one of the cylinders. The best place to do it is where the alternator mounting bracket is. Take it off and chop off the right leg(the one on the top). Now, where that hole is just drill in about a 1/4 of an inch and tap the hole(I can’t remember what size drill bit to use). What’s gonna suck is is you’ve already got the engine in, getting a drill back there is gonna be a real bish. And yes, the VTM is supposed to be hooked up to the ecu. GO here:
for the best wiring diagram I have yet to find. ANyway, HTH. Good luck with that drilling.:cool: