LS/VTEC oil line question

Hi guys,
Quick question for anyone that has VTEC and knows a little about it. I am fixing to start my LS/VTEC project and after I get about 3k miles on it, I plan on boosting it. My question is about the oil line that you are using for the VTEC actuator. Does it actually supply oil, or is it just used for the oil pressure sensor in the VTEC? I was wanting to use the same line for the oil feed for the turbo, but if it is supplying oil to the head somehow, that may not be a good idea. Can someone with a current LS/VTEC turbo tell me where they are getting 2 oil supplies from?

Shaun Ladd

the best place to get oil for a turbo , is the oil press sensor.
You need to take it out (next to the oil filter) install a T and run a hose around the motor to the turbo.

But isn’t that the same place people run the oil line from for the VTEC soleniod? I am wondering if it is ok to run both off that same place.