ls/vtec or type R engine swap

Which one would you prefer ? A ls/vtec type R swap (using mostly type R parts) OR Type R engine swap ?

The ls/vtec is approx. $5000.00 where as type R swap is approx. $6000-$7000.



well, first off i’d do neither. I really don’t think the Type R is really worth all the money----i dont think building an ls/vtec w/ all type r parts is that cost effective either.

you can easily build a better engine for those same prices. Given the type of thing you’re looking to do i’d do a poor man’s itr setup (eventhough this setup is far from a “poorman’s” setup):

-b18c1 block w/ jdm itr pistons (11:1 compression). complete rebuild w/ all new bearings/gaskets/seals… This block is the same as the type r block. The only difference from the b18c1 and the b18c5 is the internals.

then i’d buy a complete b16a swap. use the head, tranny, ecu, distributor, injectors…

-send the b16a head (same head that the type r has, only the itr has a slight port/polish job on it) to portflow for headwork.
-get some ctr or toda spec b cams
-some valvesprings, itr valves, titanium retainers…

here is how i see the pricing:
-b18c1 block: $500
-b16a swap: $1200
-portflow headwork: $1000
-cams/springs/retainers… : $1500 (this price is for the toda cams)
-jdm itr pistons/rings: $330
-bearings, gaskets, block work… : $800
-itr intake manifold: $300

plus you can sell the extra b16a parts.
All total that setup should cost ya about $5500-$6000

It will be faster than a stock itr swap for sure. i’m not exactly sure how it’d stack up to the ls/vtec --but i know it would be close. the ls/vtec may have some more displacement, but the setup i described will have better cams and really good headwork. And personally i wouldn’t trust the ls/vtec’s reliability as much as the poorman’s itr.

Do you know any shop here in so cal that have this package ?

joe They are in Fullerton. Talk to Jeff.

Dang, I’d just get a Type R motor from Japan that was assembled by Honda and has lots of usable miles left. I wouldn’t touch the LS/VTEC.

hey where can you get a b18c block for $500 if so get me one…


just look around. if you spend some time checking and all of the for sale message boards you can definitely find one. Just look for one w/ a spun bearing or maybe bad rings. Basically something thats not in all that good of shape—but really only needs basic “wear” parts to be replaced—like all the normal replacement parts like bearings, gaskets, seals, rings…

for awhile i was planning on building up a b18c1 and i found some pretty good deals.