ls/vtec p73 engine build question

I just bought a head and accessories off ebay, and I have a couple question about what’s required from here. This is what I got. I currently have a 1991 Integra with 190,000 miles; burns no oil, still runs strong. Already purchased ebay Item description

I am changing my plans to run LS-turbo so I am selling my B16 head. This head is in PERFECT running condition with only 40k miles and was never run hard because I did not have a Vtec ECU so it was never ran pass 6000 rpm. This B16 head includes though:

  1. Intake Manifold
  2. Distributor
  3. Wire Harness
  4. Vtec Solenoid
  5. Plug Wires and Plugs
  6. 2 Sets of Injectors
  7. All Sensors and Hoses
  8. A NEW Complete Oil Line Kit
  9. New Dowel Pins
  10. Integra Type R Pistons (p73) only 200 miles

What additional parts do I need for the new p73 Pistons. what to the bottom end needs done for a reliable setup that can rev past 8000rpms. Also, which computer do I need? This is going to be my daily driver. I’m new to the honda building so I want to get this right the first time. thanks you for the help


here ILL spoon feed it to you… [SIZE=7]P28, P61, P30[/SIZE] :up:

The OP’s Integra is a 1991 (OBD0). The three ECUs you listed (P28, P61, P30) are all OBD1. Unless you want to convert to OBD1, your ECU choices are PR3 and PW0.

Looks like the info you “spoon fed” the OP isn’t entirely accurate :bored:

If you stay OBD0, you will need an OBD0 B16A distributor, or you can ghetto rig your stock B18A1 distributor.

If you decide to convert to OBD1, you will use either OBD1 PR3, chipped P28, P30, or P61. You will also have to pin your OBD1 distributor to plug into your stock OBD0 engine harness.

thanks for the help TurboG2teg311, but since I did search, what would be the best choice for a b18a block with p73 pistons, with a b16 head setup. Do I need to get a chipped ECU? As for the block, I’m trying to figure out which parts specificly will need replaced and/or upgraded for 8000+ rpms

I see how it is…I get no thanks for help… :mad: J/K :cross:

I say you should get an ECU chipped with a good basemap that is similar to a stock ITR P73 ECU. You are going to want to tune your LS/VTEC anyway, so this would be the best idea for customization.
You don’t NEED a chipped ECU, but the ECU that would theoretically be best for your application would be the ITR P73, but that is an OBD2 only ECU. The P72 would have good fuel maps for your LS/VTEC, but all P72 ECU’s are made for the B18C’s dual butterfly intake manifold, which would make your car bog between 4,500 and 5,500 RPM.

If you insist on using a stock ECU, the P61 (USDM 92-93 GS-R) would be your best bet.

For the engine block, the most important part is the ROD BOLTS. Get some aftermarket rod bols for SURE. Stock B18A1 rod bolts are the weak link in the block. Also look into a good set of rod bearings. You can use OEM bearings from a VTEC engine, or you can go aftermarket. You can use stock connecting rods, but it is always a god idea to have them shotpeened.

Anything else???