LS/Vtec pricing

I know that there are many of people have done the LS/Vtec engine mod. I’m just looking to see what everyone ended up paying for the whole deal and if you had a Professional do it, or if you had done it yourself. Thanks for your help. :shrug: :read:


Eagle 900hp rods – $330 (
CP 10.5:1 Pistons – $450 (race engineering)
ACL Bearings – $100 (kteller)
LS/VTEC conversion kit (hg, studs, oil adapter, oil line, dowels, fitting, hondabond, plug/tap) – $340 (kteller)


vtec head – looking for a deal
rocket refresh (disassembly, clean, valve job, valve seals, touch up ports, reassembly) – $350
RM Valvetrain & Valves – $535 (
GSR cams – $100-150 (honda-tech)


Walbro 255lph HP Kit – $109 (full-race)
RC 310cc Injectors – $260 (kteller)
AEBS Intake Manifold – $165 (kteller)
Hondata S200 – $250 (kteller)
Thermal 2.5" catback – $485 (mmrusa)
carsound 2.5" cat – $80 (kteller)


PWR Civic Radiator - $280 (full-race)
Greddy Rad Cap - $20 (wiredspeed)
Mugen Thermoswitch - $50 (inline)
Mugen Thermostat - $80 (inline)


Action 2MD - $400 (wiredspeed)
ACT Streetlite Flywheel - $211 (wiredspeed)
Hydro GSR Tranny - $600-800


ITR oil pump - $120 (acura)
Hondata IM gasket - $60 (kteller)
Timing belt/water pump/tensioner - $175 (acura)
Endyn Breather (catch can) Kit - $154

there’s more, but i’m sure you probably didn’t even realize you needed half the shit i already posted. how old are you?

Contact member goldenchild… he builds them for a living

I’m 18. So it’s going to cost me about $3750-$4000. Thanks for the help. I’ll talk to goldenchild.

You don;t need all thatstuff to do an LS Vtec? Where do you make this stuff up? Why would you need a hydro tranny? You also dont need new pistons rods and all that block stuff. Maybe if your going to run the shit out of it. Not to do the swap itself.

looks like someone needs to learn to read.

I’m just looking to see what everyone ended up paying for the whole deal

bite my ass. all of those parts are centered around my ls/vtec project. he asked what people were paying, that’s a list of what i’m using. show me where i said he had to buy all that. i have very few pet peeves in life. people pretending i’ve said something i never did would be very high up on my list. now sit down, shut the fuck up, and move on with life. you brought nothing into this thread, it’s best you leave with at least some of your dignity left.

thank you, have a nice day. :bow:

Armed you have good experience with Kteller? Heard some people had some problems with them but its always rumors.

no problems here. :shrug:

the cheap (ghetto) way is to do like the SCC article linked to in another thread here - basically slapping a VTEC head on an LS block and calling it a day. Mark’s engine is the other extreme, replacing pretty much everything that could possibly be a problem at high power levels. You can build anything in between, but most of the stuff he listed would be wise to at least consider for a long-term reliable engine.

i surely can’t speak for you, but i guess for me it had something to do with the day i graduated with my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. :shrug:

although i do appreciate the lesson in acting maturely, like an adult.

Go grease up your ferret and stick him in your pants.

quite a mature statement. sounds like you need a nap, a hug, or maybe both. :up:

besides…i don’t wear pants, so how can i stick a ferret down them?

one more mature reply, courtesy of mister poopypants himself. :up:

If I were you just look for one on the net, like ebay or something. I just bought mine on ebay. My only problem is, is that I don’t have a clue how to put it in. I have a 1990 integra gs and I want to trade it with someone. Like they put my ls vtec in and they can have my trans. and everything. My trans in a pot of gold. I was told not to get rid of it but I will never have that much power to be able to use it. So if you guys know anyone let me know.

just assembled this block… its lsvtec ;)… guy decided he wanted to go faster… so this is what we did :wink:

just wanted to know…how much would all this cost including labor and how much power will it make…just for my own referrence…thanks.

thinking going this route but with b20 or just do h22 and call it a day.
im beginning to hate my b16.

romeo–you of all people should know how loaded that question is. :wink:

it’s way too subjective to say. however, one could say with all certainty that a block like that is capable of quite a bit of power. :up:

mark i was too bored at work and missed asking noobie questions… :bored:



wish i could get to g2ic from work. :frowning:

part of the perks. when your a car salesman and nothing else to do. jerk around in here…love this site…most of the question is almost like comic section. very entertaining. :giggle:

dont mean to ruin the thread…

like what was said… very loaded question…
i’ll say this…its potential being similar to my buddy’s build pushing 245 whp…
so i think with the right cams and TB, and header/exhaust… its possible to do that with tuning of course… other than one thing… my buddy’s pushing 245 whp has 13.5:1 cr… but i dont think thats the main power making part of the motor… i know someone whos pushing 228 whp on b20vtec with 10.8:1 cr… its all in how your match your components up and tuning.