ls/vtec question

i recently picked up an ls/vtec long block that i am looking to put into my 91 teg. I need to know how big of a difference performance, and gearing would be if i ran this motor on my stock ls tranny as opposed to a jdm b16 cable tranny. let me know thanks

it would probably suck, when you shift into 2nd or 3rd you would drop outta your powerband and have a pretty long climb back up.

honda never made a VTEC engine with gear ratio’s that long, for a reason,

that being said, it won’t bee THAT bad, still alot better than a stock LS.

LS/VTEC shrine

If you asking if a shorter geared tranny (i.e. b16) will be better for your N/A ls/vtec, the answer is YES… The gearing is shorter there for you will get to, and through your power band quicker (Acceleration is key)… Only one draw back. Freeway driving sucks if you dont like high RMP noise… Soo @ 70mph in 5th youll should be round 4K RPM give or take a few…


now say i pick up another tranny wut would you guys reccomend b17 or the b16? and i know your not supposed to high rev a stock ls/vtec, so for those of you that know friends or have gone thro it, how high should i be reving? and wut kinda power should i expect from it? thanks again

B17 IMO as far as the gearing is concerd… IF you cant find one that is… But B16 is fine either way youll like it mroe then a LS trans… And as far as what power you will expect, will depend on whats all done to the motor its self. The trans has nothing to do with how much HP and TQ itll make… Lots of factors to fig out how much youll make…


its stock. 92 jdm b16 head on a 96 ls block. Im gonna build it when i get some more loot but in the meantime i need to know how high I should rev without killin the motor. I heard i shouldnt go past 7grand. that tru?

actually the transmission has everything to do with how much HP and Torque actually gets to your wheels, ever dynoed in different gears? Totally different results.

People dynoing in 3rd gear with a b16 tranny will post better numbers on the dyno than people in 3rd gear with an LS tranny, even with the exact same engine. It’s due to the shorter gears(higher torque multiplication) of the b16 tranny.