ls vtec ran, now having problems with ecu wiring

Hey, first day I drove my ls/vtec and the temp spiked real high on me. The car was not overheating so I’m sure it was the loose wire out of the temp sensor. went to crank it back up and nothing. No starter engagement, but I can hear the relays kicking in. I noticed that 3 pins broke off my obdo-obd1 harness. pin # C10, C12, ,C14, & C16 Doesn’t look like it goes to anything. I ordered new pins, but I tried to bypass the plug just to get it cranking and still it does nothing.

I’m really stumped here and I’ve tried my ls ecu and still nothing. I’m hoping when I fix the harness correctly that it will crank, but I’m not counting on it since I bypassed the plug and it still won’t crank. The starter is good. Any help would be appreciated.

The ECU has nothing to do with cranking the engine.

You have either a starter, starter solenoid, starter relay, CIS or ign. switch problem.

If you can hear a “click” under the dash when you turn the ign. key to start, [turn key to run and wait a few sec. then turn to start] it would indicate that the ign. switch is working, the CIS is working and the starter relay is energizing, the click is the starter relay, it does not mean the relay is working, only that it energizes,

Try a bypass jump, using a jumper wire with one end connected to the batt. pos.(+) touch the other end to the starter solenoid input, [unplug the starter wire from the solenoid to get access to the solenoid terminal.

BE CARFULL make sure car is not in gear and hand brake is set, engine will crank even if car is in gear and ign. switch turned off.

Also make sure the click you hear is not comming from starter solenoid on the starter in the engine bay, it can sound like the click is comming from under the dash.

If the starter solenoid clicks when you turn the key to start, you have a starter problem. 94

double check the single wire going to your solenoid is good… mine got knocked off accidentally when i was changing my speedo cable and it prevented me from even cranking…

I just changed the engine harness. Still same thing, but it needed to be changed bad so no harm done. And my local shop told me the same thing about the ecu, just wanted u guys to know how all this started. I always thought if the relay clicks when the key is turned that it is ok? If i am wrong then I will try lookin at that next just to make sure.

So according to the haynes it goes; starter solenoid- to fuse- to relay - to clutch switch- to ign harness switch. They told me to work from the starter up. Starter gets 3v.

and I did try to jump the starter a while back and nothing happened.