LS-Vtec setup was running and now it wont start

So I built an ls vtec and when I was tunning it the car just died on me. For ever crank the spark only sparked once. I have changed the igniter and the coil and still wont start. I loosed the fuel filter line and tried to start the car and gas spilled out. Because it was doing this I don’t think the fuel pump is bad. Could this be that main relay? Fuel filter maybe no good. I haven’t changed it in awhile. Anyone have any ideas? I have about 300k miles on the car and I’ve never replaced the fuel pump or filter. I bought the car with about 150k miles.

Other than the fact it does not start…What exactly happens when you turn the key like you would be starting it? Does it crank? Do you hear crickets? All your dash lights come on? CEL light? NMD…

well u said fuel spilled out depending on wat end of the filter it spilled out u could figure out if the filter is bad. i usually chek frm the fuel rail. its posibble the ecu mite be no bueno. either way ther must be a CEL check that

well when you turn the key the car turns over just fine. What do you mean crickets? Also the dash lights I’m not sure never paid attention. I don’t think they come on wile trying to start it. CEL light? What is that? The filter was line that goes to the fuel rail was loose and that’s why it spilling out. The car is at my buddies shop and he has been trying to tune it until then. Today I put a GSR ECU in the car to see if it was the ecu and it still didn’t start. The ecu should be fine. I just bought a hondata a week ago to tune the car too. If only it would start I could tune it. I kinda just want to buy the main relay but my buddy says it’s not. I don’t want to make him mad cause he has been a big help with my car. I’m just trying to get some idea’s so tomorrow I can deal with it. It has been running rich cause it’s not tuned so I’m wondering if the injectors are bad now. He told me he check them before I changed the ignition and they were good. I just don’t know what else it could be other than, injectors bad, fuel pump, main relay, fuel filter.

If it turned over it would be starting, so when you turn the key…the car just cranks and cranks and cranks but will not actually start? or by crickets I meant it does nothing at all.

How did it die in the first place? Just shut off? sputter then die? Was it idling or during throttle?

Is there another integra you can pull a main relay from to troubleshoot that way? Takes all of 5 min to do.

When you turn the key to the “on” position (last click before you start it)…all your dash lights should come on for a second…then turn off. CEL light is the yellow check engine light on the dash which should stay on when key is in the “on” position if you were throwing a code. You can also turn the key to the on position and see if your ECU has and flashing red lights in the little window on the front of it.

CEL= Check Engine Light. if fuel spillefd 4rm wer u said its not the fuelnpimp or filter. if u turn the key to the 3rd click b4 u crank it all lights r supose 2 turn of except the bettry 1 and hand brake. if ur CEL light stays on then u check the ecu 4 codes, that usually means no fuel tho so check 4 codes n e ways. still no spark?

yes all the dash lights are fine and no CEL codes. Did a fuel pressure test and there isn’t any pressure. My buddy did the test at his shop and so I went and got a new fuel pump today. I’m just about done putting it in but my buddy had to leave. I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow morning. All that is left is putting the tank back in the car. I am sure this is it and if it’s not the I’ll just go buy the main relay and install it. Like da6 said it only takes 5 min. I’ll let ya guys know tomorrow what works. Thanks for the help

you could have ran traight power to the pump to see if it turnd on if it doesnt its the pump if it does iths the relay

Got the fuel pump installed and there is pressure. Car still won’t start. Replaced the main relay and now it throws a cel code. I have a gsr ecu on the car and it would be throwing a code for the intake. I’ve never got any cel codes before.

Well I figured out. The spark plugs were wet. Looks like she is up and running now. Gonna start to tune her tomorrow. :slight_smile: