LS/Vtec stock or B20/Vtec stock ????

Hello, I would like to know what is best. First I have a 4drs (90-93) integra. Therefore, which of the LS/vtec or B20/vtec conversion would be better for hp, torque, reliabilty, and price.

Or am I better going with the stock engine (B18A1 USDM) and go for a 82 to 84.5mm ( which would be the best ?) boring, changing the pistons of course, cams ( which ones ??), headers, pipe, to achieve grater displacement ?

And also what is consider as HIGH REVVING, from what range to what range ?

Is vtec that good when racing ??

So please send me your opinion and infos about that.

Power and torque (equally built): b20/vtec
Reliability: Equal providing built correctly
Price: ls/vtec should cost less. b18a blocks are usually cheaper and easier to find.

As for boring your stock engine: Personally, without replacing the sleeves, I would not go larger than 81.5mm. With that in mind, your build depends on your goals (daily driver, weekend terror, or race only) and obviously…your budget.

High Revving: I would say on a b18a/b20 bottom end I would say anything over 7500k would be considered “high revving" (others would say differently). If you want to rev higher than that, have your entire rotating assembly (including clutch and flywheel) balanced, and invest in a block girdle (be it Z10 Engineering or modified b18c).

Is vtec that good in racing: Absolutely :smiley:

Have fun HTH

Thanks a lots ofr the informations. They will be considered.