LS/vtec tap

How much would it cost to tap a hole for LS/vtec? Some guy wants to trade me a complete B16 head from a 99 si, he asked what ECU i want. What is everything I will need? I have a 92 LS. Someone please help me out ASAP. and a price on that oil hose too. What do stock LS/vtecs run 1/4? see I have a JG pro series head setup for FI. and some guy wants to trade a complete B16 head with everything +$100 and all he wants from me is the head only, no cams or manifold. So i’m stuck on what i should do.


i wrote this with help from various sites

site doesnt work.


theres a shop around the block from my house that does that and repositions the dowels and mills it 20 over for 140:mad: