i bought a spear motor 3 weeks a go iam go to do a ls/vtec set up …is it possable to use your ls ecu and us an aftermarket vtec controller for the vtec ? or would i need to chang the ecu ? i read a few places were poepls say that u can us an A’pexi vtec controller ?If any one hase more infor or a website about this let me know please
Eric :jerkoff: :jerkoff:

you can do it either way

You can either use an RPM activated switch (MSD makes a good setup), or an actual toggle switch (if ya wanna be ghetto) haha to activate VTEC if you cant afford a VTEC ECU. What I suggest is, look on Ebay for either a factory VTEC ECU (PR3, P72, P73 etc), or a custom chipped VTEC ECU (P28, P30)…I myself bought a Spoon chipped P28 ECU of Ebay for around $150 not too long ago. Just be sure that you get the proper OBD for your car…if you have a G@ Integra…make sure to get and OBD1 ECU. Good luck with your Hybrid motor and let me know if I can help with anything else.
P.S. LS/VTEC’s can be a pain, but man are they worth every minute! :smiley:

G2 Integra sorry for the typo! :frowning: