well i’ve heard alot of stuff about that you can’t put a vtec head on a 90-91 integra and that you can put a vtec head on a 92-93 integra is that true and if so why? I’m planing to do this vtec head swap but not sure about some information and since i just cracked my transmisson yesterday im going to get another one and since im at the shop i might as well do the vtec head too…and i did search on this topic and didnt find the answer i was looking for…

Getting my tramsmisson and maybe the
vtec head done at south gate auto electric…


its harder to find an obd0 distributer and u would need it to run a vtec head on a 90-91 otherwise same shit.

did you look at the lsvtec conversion in the teg tips section??? thats a pretty good writeup. also go to thats also a good writeup. and the golden eagle lsvtec complete kit looks like a pretty good product, no tapping and drilling. thats on group buy center.