lsv swap crank position sensor problem

i just got my p28 chipped for my lsv set up and it ran good for a couple hours then out of nowhere it wouldnt rev past 3500. I checked the cel and it throws code 4 which is the cps. I did research and it said that the cps was in the distributor so i changed the distributor and the cel code is still there. Anyone know what else i can do to solve this problem so i can get my car back on the road? Its a a1 block with jdm b16 head i converted the distributor and ecu to obd1. Thanks in advance

i tried driving it down the road and the car wont accelerate good now when i give it full throttle. It feels as if theres no power whatsoever


im pretty sure the CRANK POSITION SENSOR is on the back of the block the crank is not in the dissy im not sure which one it is but theres two sensors on the block i im pretty sure one of them is the cps

hey buddy the cps is located directly behind the crankshaft pulley. it requires a special timing belt gear that has a crank trigger built in…super cheap at honda dealerships. then you need the sensor that bolts to the block and run a wire to the p28 computer, thats the expensive part…i have one. not too big of a deal to install…kinda like installing a knock sensor…just takes time.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only cars that have the CPS installed by the crank pulley are OBD2 motors… on OBD1 integras they are in the distributor. I have NEVER seen an obd1 setup with a CPS running off of the timing-belt cog/gear.

When you swapped out the distributor, did you disconnect the battery/reset the ecu? If not then that is an issue in itself. If you disconnected the battery and the CEL came back on, flashing the same Crank Position Sensor code, then that distributor could also be bad.

thanks for the replies guys it runs pretty smooth now its like it fixed itself or something haha i didnt do anything