LSVtec swap into '93 LS, vacuum line help?

Ok, so I’m building an lsvtec engine for my '93 LS. B18b bottom end, B16 head, 2nd Gen B16 Intake Manifold… But here’s my dilemma. The factory B18A setup in the '93 has the Fuel Pressure Purge Valve/EVAP Purge Valve and MAP sensor all tied into eachother, then going to the Throttle Body. How does everyone out there run a Gen2 B16 manifold with a MAP sensor on the throttle body, and by-pass all the vacuum lines in the purge-system? I was possibly thinking of keeping the fire-wall mounted MAP sensor, and using the factory '93 throttle body…

Im probably making it harder than it needs to be, but I just want to make sure i don’t come across any idle problems due to the vacuum system.

simple…use the b16 TB, delete the huge vacuum rail on top of the intake manifold…instead of using the firewall mounted purge valve and MAP, just use the intake manifold mounted purge valve, and plug it up…there are only what, like 2 vacuum nipples on the b16 IM? one nipple goes to the fuel pressure regulator, one goes to the bottom part of the purge valve, and the top part of the purge valve goes to the canister. that’s it