Lugs for Si's

Hey guys,

These just have the regular oem acorn style right? The same as oem acura lugs? What do you guys suggest? Thanks

Yea, all Honda 4x100 OEM wheels use the same lugs

I can still use tuner lugs though right? Or should I buy some lugs that lock that are oem style?

I think tuner style lugs are different than OEM nuts…just make sure you get the right type. Cone seat or Ball seat or what have you…If its an OEM wheel leave the lug nuts alone just to be safe.

Gorilla makes a locking set for OEM honda wheels with ball seat.

part number is 38432N for the set of 16
and 38431N for a set of 4

i was searching for alternatives to the OEM lug nuts / locks

found out a guy on went to a wheel shop and had the lug seat machined for a cone / tapered lug nut

i took a look at my GSR blades and it looks like the actually lug seat is just pressed into the wheel.

so maybe it could be swapped out… :shrug:


So pretty much the only option for OEM (ball seat) locking lugs are Honda/Acura(McGard’s) and Gorillas? Right? I have been looking for over 2 weeks.