machining rims to fit proper offset????

this question is for those who know what they’re talking about. i may have scored a free set of 18’s to go on my is300, but the problem is… they have an offset of 35. the proper offset for the lex is 45…

  • can i have the inside hub of the rims milled down a little to fit the car properly?? will it be unsafe?? how much rim do i actually need between the lug nut and the brake disk??

i asked this question at the is300 forum that i frequently visit, but many of those kids are the spoiled type that really don’t know much, but want to give you their opinion anyway. one of the responses i got was, “just sell them and get new ones”. - just because i drive a lexus does’nt mean i have money to buy new rims. if i had the money to get rims, why would i be interseted in a free used set??

i know from years of experience that my g2ic brothers are that of the most knowledgeable automotive enthusiasts. i can count on you guys for real help!!


that is millimeters, correct? if so, 10mm is a lot of material to remove. I would think you might be able to get away with removing ~2mm, but I doubt they have much more than 10mm thickness there.