Magnaflow with test pipe?

I have a stock engine with the stock manifold.

My cat’s rusted out, my mid-section’s only about a year old (with resonator), and my axle-back is pretty much shot.

So I was thinking about scrapping the cat for a test pipe, and putting a custom axle-back pipe in with a Magnaflow muffler.

Is that gonna be really loud or sound crappy?

I did a search on Magnaflow, but no one’s posted much about a setup like this in particular…

I’m open to other alternatives, as long as they’re within price range! So suggestions are welcome

i had a magnaflow…one of the small cannister style ones. like i said “had”. mine sounded like crap. there’s been some people on here that have had good luck with theirs, so i dunno. now i have a stock looking, and sounding dynomax (yeah, i know…haha), maybe i’ll get off my ass and take some pix.