main fan does not come on whats going on???

my main big fan will not kick on i dont know whats going on when i turn on the a/c only the smaller fan kicks on and that makes my car over heat. can someone help me out with some ideas the only thing i can think of is that the relay is bad or the fan motor burnt out im just not sure?
let me know with what you guys think
thank you

Very common there are thousands of threads on this.
Unplug the connector at the fan (green). Place 2 wires, one on each connector going to fan. Put one on a ground and the other to the 12v + of battery and see if it kicks on. Does not matter which wire you ground and which you put to positive it will just spin backwards if it’s wrong.
If it works then it is a bad cooling fan switch or relay. 9 times out of 10 it’s just a bad cooling fan switch. No worries. I just wired an off and on switch to mine since getting the cooling fan switch off is a pain in the azz!
To see if it is a cooling fan switch you will have to remove the 2 wire connector from the switch and place a jumper in it. Turn the engine on and see if the fan is running. If it is then you have a bad switch. If it is not than bad relay or wire.

If you give me an email address I will send you all the print on how it work’s Like brelandt said it is not hard.

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i tried everything new cooling fan switch ,relay,it getn 12v to the\fan just not a ground gonna try cooling fan timer and ecu.try and see if ground is sending current after the switch gets warm and if so to where and why it’s malfunctioning

Did you run power directly from your battery to the fan to see if the motor hasn’t failed?

tested the yellow /green wire from the coolant temp sensor,cooling timer unit ,and radiator fan come on like new.Bypass the radiator fan relay by jumping it’s connectors directly to the fan and waiting on the yellow/green wire to come on the fan should turn

the main ground for most of the fan cooling system is right next to the fan relay just in front of the batt. car with A/C only

hey RX3 can you send me that too.

You got it it is on the way

My fan doesn’t seem to ever kick on either? My car never overheats though and it stays at a consistent operating temp. Is it possible it won’t overheat even with the fan not working?

yeah i can really say ive ever heard or seen my fan running either…

mine stop running since 1998. Since then the needle stayed at the normal temperature and the car never overheated.

so what is causing it to stop then? and why dont are cars over heat?

If it cool enough outside the fan may not come on. If you have A/C in the car and it is working the fans will come on when turn the air on. If you want a print of how it works, Give me an email address I will send it to you.

91akira did you get the info I sent you?

I dont know how it could be cool enough outside there has been some extremely hot days and didnt notice.

spitfire3355 I sent you email let me know if you need more info.

The coolant tempenture switch turns on the cooling fans by way of the radiator fan relay and condenser fan relay. The cooling timer unit keeps the fan on after the key is turned off by way of the oil tempenture switch. If you pull fuse #20 it will keep the fans from running when the key is off. Pulling this fuse will also keep your a/c compressor from running. Fuse #20 is where it gets the power to engage the A/C compressor clutch.

When you turn the A/C on it turns both fans on by way of the A/C diodes and ECU. This takes the coolant tempenture switch out of the picture. (The car need not be hot for the fans to run.)

yes thanks.

yeah thanks a lot RX3 I’ll check that stuff out tomorrow!