Main fuel relay solution, on a standard!!!!

Alright, the main fuel realay in my Acura is dying, it starts in the morning, and night, but no afternoon or evening.

When my car gets hot, it will not start.

Anyway, all i need is a main fuel relay which i can get from my local acura dealer.

But lets say you go somewhere, and your car wont start and its hot outside.

Keep your doors open to let it cool down inside, 10-15 min. And try starting again.

If it does not, heres the fun part.

Put the key in the keyhole and put it into the position it normally runs the car in.

Put the car into 2nd gear and push the clutch all the way in.

Have a buddy roll you, get to about 3-5MPH and take your foot off the clutch.

The car will start!!!

Rev the puppy to get her goin again, pick your buddy up, and your off!!! :angel:

what happens when you’re parked on a hill with a car behind you? gotta hope you have a strong friend? lol

just take it apart and fix the soldering. there’s a teg tip on it around here somewhere.

yea lol, i like these forums, very informativ. Im sure alot of people already know this tip i told them, but i just found out and got real excited and wanted to share.

cheers everyone!