Major Hesitation with AC on my GSR

Hey guys,

I hope someone can help me out here. I’ve been doing a lot of searching on the forum but haven’t found a solution for my problems. My GSR (stock) has been having this problem since I bought it a little over a year ago. During the summer when it gets hot my GSR would bog a lot during stop and go driving (low rpm driving) when the AC has been running for a while and the engine has warmed up. The bog feels so bad its like someone dropped a 300 lb pulley on my crank and it doesn’t want to turn no matter how much throttle I give it. I’ve asked some friends who have said that maybe my ignition components need replacing so I changed my plugs. The cap, rotor, and wires were still new from the previous owner and i checked them out to make sure. I noticed a slight better response after that and a fresh oil change but it would still bog down. A couple of times last year the temperature climbed past half way and nearly overheated. I had to turn off the A/C and it went back to normal. I would turn the A/C on to see if it would overheat again but it did not.

This summer the problem has only gotten worse. Everytime I accelerate it would bog down so bad i need to rev it past 2000 rpms and feather the clutch so the engine doesn’t dip down low in the rpms where i get the hesitation. Regardless of the rpms the car will still accelerate poorly until I turn off the A/C. I noticed that when the temps are lower the problem doesn’t exist and after driving for a while and parking it, if i start it up bout 5 minutes after it would idle low and hesitate like fuel cut and bog for 3 secs then the power comes back and runs normal. If i run without the A/C the problem disappears. When the A/C goes on the car bogs again.

I’m not sure what could be the problem. I’m thinking either fuel, ignition, or a bad compressor clutch thats seizing causing extra load on the crank. I know the A/C on our cars really drag the power down when its on, but this is way too extreme to ignore. I searched and people have changed fuel filters and the problem persisted. Some suggested timing so I checked timing with my timing gun and its dead on. The engine pulls great without A/C on but i can’t take the heat here in central Cali i need it. I just hate the car when driving in traffic because i’d be nearly half throttle just to keep the car moving or dying from a stop. Just yesterday I was playing with the A/C switch and turned it off when taking off from a stop and there would be no bog. With the A/C the bog comes back. I rolled down my window and tried to see if i would hear anything from the engine when i engage the A/C and noticed a slight high pitched whistle like how a BOV makes on a turbo car. It’s not super loud and you have to really pay attention to hear it. It seems like the car isn’t effected on highway driving because i’m getting more airflow and the engine is at higher revs. Anyways I hope someone has had this problem and tell me how they fixed it. I’m sorta leaning on the bad compressor because the problems start and stop with the A/C. Thanks for any input. I love my GSR and this is the only problem I really can’t take so if someone can help me solve my problems i’ll be a happy tegger.

What car were you driving before you got the GSR? The reason I ask is that if you were used to an automobile that had a humongous amount of low-end torque (a WRX, a V8 muscle car, or a burro :)) then you will have to get used to one of the GSR’s quirks - it makes its power in the mid to top end of the rev scale. I have the same “problem” with my 92 GSR when the compressor is on-line. I don’t know what I was thinking two years ago but one hot afternoon with the air-con on, I wanted to cut into the lane next to me from a standing start when that lane became free. When the opportunity came I floored the gas pedal and the tach just jumped from idle to well within VTEC territory and the car pulled out as expected. Problem is, the compressor was compressing and the sudden increase in revs burned the compressor clutch. It (the compressor clutch) was damn smoking like hell when I pulled out cause a pedestrian said that “the car was burning”, and I ended up with a C$300 repair bill to replace the compressor. That squealing sound could be from the compressor belt, or the clutch. Better have an aircon tech take a look at your system - that should be free. The problem could be mechanical. Likewise, it could also be psychological.