Major issues, need help bad...

So, if you read my other thread, I already replaced the MFR and did nothing, car is still dead.
I went to check the dizzy, and I took off the dist. cap and found that the plastic around the secondary winding terminal coming from the ignition coil is all burnt. It turned white and there’s a part at the bottom that is literally pulverized. I hit the two terminals of the coil with the multimeter, and got some reading, but it was changing too fast to be able to tell what it was… definetely went over 111Mv(I think), while turning the key trying to start the car. The rotor also has that whiteish burnt look. The question is… what needs to be replaced? is it the whole distributor? or just a few things…
Thanks in advance for the help.

I just tested the resistance, and the primary winding terminals read 1.1ohm+ and the secondary 11145+/-ohm According to the Chilton manual, the primary should be 0.6-0.8ohm and secondary 9760-14640ohm, so, which one is right?

See if you can find a coil for relatively cheap. They were designed so horribly in our cars that you’ll eventually need it and/or won’t have trouble selling it if you get rid of the car and don’t need it. When my coil fried the terminals were all black and charred, so your’s may be fried as well.

They are both right. As for testing the coil’s primary terminals, stick the probes inside to get a more steady reading.