making my gsr head fit gs

What do I need to make my gsr head fit my gs

read the teg tips. there is a writeup about the ls/vtec swap there. Its not the best writeup, but it should get hte point across. at least it should give you a good starting point.

also, here are some things to think about:
-this is not a simple “bolt on” setup
-DO NOT expect to put a vtec head on a non vtec block and have an engine that will rev as high as a vtec one!
-there are things that must be done to the non vtec block in order to rev higher and thus take advantage of the power that vtec gives you above 7k rpms.
-don’t expect to be as happy if you don’t swap in some higher compression pistons and use a vtec tranny

previously i was planning on doing an ls/vtec, but since then plans have changed and i’m swapping in a b17a. I did some research about ls/vtecs and here is what i figured out for my setup:

-shot peen rods $100
-shave rods to fit pistons $50
-jdm itr pistons/rings $330
-bore/hone/deck/balance $400
-all new bearings $200 (for acl), $240 (for oem honda)
-arp rod bolts $40
total: $1160

-machine work needed to mate head to block (read the teg tips and this is shown) $30-$100

-vtec tranny $350-$650
-clutch (unless your clutch is in really good condition you really should upgrade while the engine is out and the $250-$400
-resurface and/or lighten flywheel (if you replace clutch) $30, for resurface, $160 for lightening

-head gasket $65
-timing belt $65
-oil pan gasket $25
-vtec oil line kit $100
-vtec oil pump $100

ECU: $200-$300

So, all total you’re lookin at about $2000, easily more, especially if you get a clutch resurface your flywheel or want any extra frills.

hope that answers some of your questions.