Manual belts install in USDM ????

OK, I searched the archives (before people bitch about it) and found that no one has come out and said that they have done this and how easy or hard it was and all the pieces necessary.

I have looked on the web for canadian G2 Teg interior pictures so as to figure out how this could be done, but havent found any

I read in the archives that holes would need tapped for the bolts…thats fine, but my biggest question is if this can be done by modifying the USDM interior panels.

I have the manual belts in black and know how to take the electirc belts apart etc etc, but would like to see detailed pics of a canadian G2’s interior to see if I can figure this out and do it and make a write-up about it for everyone here and put it in the teg tips section…

Canadian owners - could you please post some detailed pics or offer to email them to me, please. I would like to see how the belts run and where bolts are mounted etc etc…

I am assuming the rear panel pieces have a slit in them through which the belt passes into so the main pulley is hidden, but I am not sure

Please let me know…I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

there’s a guy here on the boards. weiman. (forgot user name) he has a canadian teg. oh his site has pics, but i forgot if it had n e closeup interior pics to help you out. but you can try. you can search for bay area meets. and try to find him through that. he posted up his site here before also. i gotta get to work. so when i get there, i’ll try to look for it, then i’ll post it.