Manual intake into an auto??

Alright so I have an auto 90 LS and got hooked up with a 94 LS head and intake. I want to put it on my but not sure if it would work because of all the extra vacuum line for the black box on the firewall. Has anyone do it? what you guys think?
I know i’ll have a check engine light because of the EGR but thats ok. Need some answers let me know

all the stuff on the firewall regarding the black box can go as its related to EGR. but yes you’ll have a CEL for the egr

alright thanks then im gonna do it this weekend and post up the results! incase some else wants to do this


Ok so I finished putting it all together this morning but when i started the car it idles crazy high at around 3200 rpm!! I thought maybe because it was cold but after it warmed up it was still like at 3000 and then came home after work and started up around 2900?? Im not driving it because of this problem. My thoughts are 1. I don’t have the map sensor connected on top of the TB but i plug it and nothing idle is still high?! 2. could it be because the TPS is not adjusted? (don’t have a multi meter) 3. because it’s an auto and the intake is manual?? i hope not!
Any help from you guys would help thanks.

Also Im having trouble hooking up the throttle cable because it looks to short? and the bracket from my old one don’t fit the new one.

Got some pics if maybe would help

are you using your auto TB? auto and manual TB’s are different, i believe.
are you using a new intake gasket, or was the old one in good shape at least? both surfaces clean before install? sounds like a very bad leak, or missed line.

the tb’s are the same ive been using my auto TB and mani with my manual swap for months now no issues. only thing i can think of is theres a vacuum port open somewhere still or maybe map sensor doesnt have vacuum supply to it by mistake

auto may work for manual, but not necessarily vise versa. just a thought.
definitely sounds like a vacuum issue though

i’ve doing research for days and it seem i might have to put my auto TB cause of the cable

anybody know about the throttle cable?

throttle cable i believe should be fine, but to check pull the intake tube and be sure the throttle plate is completely closed. if it is then the cable is fine


Alright guys thanks for your input! my car is running beautiful.:clap: Thanks for advice about the TB being different made a lot of help would never of thought about it. and also the 94 TB wouldn’t close all the way not sure why?!
Got a pic for the end result.

Was it worth it? After fixing the hight idle yes it was!:slight_smile:

hey, right on. and with your TB, you get to retain the fast idle valve. unlike me :frowning:

so it was the fact you had to retain the older TB cause the cable length is different between the 2 TB’s?

Did you switch the head AND intake? I’m just asking cuz of the b18a valve cover. Do you feel any difference at all?

No i switched the TB’s because the gasket i broke and made a leak and because i didn’t have the MAP sensor so it make another vacuum leak. And i was getting frustrated so just put the old TB.
I got a different throttle cable from the pick N pull cause i ruined the threads on the old one! lol

And as for the head i do have a b18b but did not put it on yet because got some plans for that down the road.