Manual Seat Belt Conversion Question

Does anyone here know if the buckles are required for the manual seat belt conversion? The reason why I ask is that my bro grabbed what he thought was all of the parts, but he left the buckles behind. So my question is, does the part that clips in to the buckle also clip into the lap belt buckle of the automatic seat belts?


If what I’m asking isn’t clear, please say so.

You will need the buckles. The manual seatbelts do not fit into the lap belt buckle of the auto seatbelts. Also, you will need to weld in something to bolt the buckles to as there are no provisions for these buckles on USDM DAs.

you need to weld in 6 mounting points, 2 for the buckles, 2 for the bottom of the blet to the floor by the door, and 2 for the reel inside the quarter panel.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Did your car already have threaded b-pillars?

nope. Forgot those, yeah we had to weld mounts up there too. So that makes it 8 total.

We took thick washers that were like 2.5" wide, and that the center hold just fit the high grade nut in. Then we welded the nut flush. Drilled out the holes in the car, and put the washer/nut on, so the nut was inside, so it was flush on the outside, and then welded the washer to the car. So that gave us a sturdy mounting area.

Sounds similar to what I did. Although I reused one of the mounting locations from the old lap belt reel area so I only had to weld in 6 mounting points(three on each side).