manual to power window conversion

i have manual crank i was wondering if i can convert it to power windows by just changing internal needs intstead of changing the whole door… in another word will the motor and everything will bolts on?

I just did this on my 90 LS and the power motor and reguator will bolt right in your door. I went to the salvage yard and got most of the parts I needed. You will probably need all the wiring too. Just let me know is you need any help.

i’ve just finished with that conversion on my 91 rs…but i took the doors from a gs so that the window,crank, motor, switches and wires are already there. only thing needed to be done was wire it to the car

how did you guys… made a power for the windows?

is there a harness for the window motors and stuff to connect to, or did you have to hardwire some stuff together.

I did the same. It’s very easy to wire up from the door molex connectors. I don’t suggest hardwiring it without the molex connectors in both doors though. As a suggestion, go to a discount auto parts shop and get some 16-18awg ribbon wire (it makes it much easier to run the wiring). I used a 4 conductor wire ribbon I think. It works great. A hint… larger gauge wire will make your windows a little faster (if it matters much to you). This makes a larger difference when operating both at the same time.

There are many, many, many good thread on this forum about this. Good luck and let us know if you get stuck.

I would definitely see about swapping doors with someone who’s building a track car or something. Swapping in the components themselves is a lot more work but still very 'do’able.


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Did you buy the ribbbon cable and make your own molex connectors?

I have a 93 rs, Once I grab the molex from the donor car, do I then hardwire up the ribbon wires…


I used the OEM door molex connectors and ribbon cable. It worked quite well. Just take your time and do it right. If you use slightly larger AWG wiring, your windows will be much faster.


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Sorry for the possibly ignorant question, but are the oem connectors inplace already on my non powered rs…

Or do I pull them from the donor car and match them up according to color code?

And if so, where does your homeadre ribbon cable come into play…thanks!!!

A good search will tell all as this has been beaten to death like a dead horse my friend. That being said, I will try to get you on the straight and narrow path. Your RS will not have the power window molex connector in the door (if you were crafty, you might be able to add the terminals to the existing block but I wouldn’t bother). There will be a blue/white molex in the door of the donor car with the power option (this molex actually is 2 connectors that slide together - you’ll see when you look at it). What I did was use the power-option doors from a GS-R on my RS. I used maybe 12" of wiring from the molex on either side (both doors) and connected them to each other and to power with a ribbon cable. I purposely tried to buy ribbon that used the same colours to keep it simple. As I recall, if your cable has black and blue wiring, it will help you keep things straight. That being said, you can use any wire 18AWG or lower for this job - I just found it easier to use the ribbon because you don’t end up with wires all over ther place behind the dash.

I hope this helps?
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I would really try a good :search: though…


Yea, I did the search…came up with one page of posts that lead me to the questions I have…Im just trying to see how much wiring is involved…fishing it through the dash doesnt sound fun…

Neex, did you hang the doors, and then wire?

The reason why Im asking is…Id like to hang the doors, and then do the wiring the next day…