Here is a link to our local site with over 100 pics. I will upload and post mine in a little while!

Sweet pix!!! Can’t wait to see the others.

Nice shots. Crazy how my car actually looks clean in pics :slight_smile:

you have to be registered to see pics

Try this:

Pics Will Be Up Later

hello all. i was working on the pics today, but with this slow ass computer i didn’t get to finish. i have to go to work. so i’ll post them tonight, and they should be up by midnight.

Great turn out. Mad fun.

The DRIVE after the meet was incredible. Never knew Florida had hills yo…LOL

My wife and I enjoyed every second up in the Tampa area. Felt like almost Gainsville to me… HAHAHAHA!

We just got home. More fun times ahead…Be safe to all and thanks again for all the mad props on my DB1.

She is running a bit hot and I am getting pretty tired of all the issues…

just got back home today – pics up later …


[QUOTE=N FUL FX;1838137]Try this:[/QUOTE]

good stuff. car looks good guys

Hayden, did you get my TEXT this morning?

What was $150?

yeah…is this another inside thing? (i am aware of the text tho…e’hem…LOL!)

i did, but it would not download onto my phone … was it just text or was there some other attachment ?

clean phat 5’s

crazy meet.crazy drive.well worth the 4 hours up and 4 back.everypne was asking me about my polished phat 5’s.buddy got a nice pic of them on tampa bay.for my first meet it went perfect.can’t wait tell the next one

i just sent u a text…explaining the text…LOL

lol–i got it – care to post the pic ?..

it was on ralfys cell phone…i dont have it! he is home though. f’in hilarious!

and Melissa explained the $150 thing…SO TRUE! lol