Maryland / North Virginia meet: POSTPONED

All 1990-1993 Integras welcome (modified, stock, under construction, etc.); however, drivers who perform burnouts and drive recklessly while at the meet are not.

SUNDAY 22 MAY 2016
Sonic Drive-in parking lot
7420 Guilford Dr, Frederick, MD 21704

Please reply if you are coming.

I will be there.

Looks like we have a few coming, based on the Facebook event status.

We should be there with the DB2!

I’d be there, but I honestly don’t trust my car to make it there from Virginia Beach.

Levi, Ive got mobile tools. Don’t be afraid. Im talking a friend into letting me drive my old car there. We’ll see how that goes.

Rob you are going to this? Since i’ll be in pa for a few months i 'm going to try and make it out. I have to put a motor in the black da first.

I hope you can make it!

That’s my plan Herb. the car needs a motor? Where is it currently?

No pressure, I know it’s far. My hope is that even if this is just a small meet, people won’t be so shy to make their own little meet closer to them.

As of now, 80% chance of rain for both Saturday and Sunday. May be looking at postponing this.

If a postponement happens, would we be looking at an after Memorial Day meet? If so, I can swing that.

Same in central NC. :frowning:

We had a “sunny day” prediction for Sunday as of this morning, now it’s thunderstorms. :argh:

We’ll probably make the call to have it or not on Friday. Hard to plan this stuff!

What’s up everyone!!! Man I hope the weather isn’t bad, I want this to really Happen! What’s up Rob!!!

yeah it’s looking like a lot of rain. I will find another day to have it.

I’ll be ready for it.

It’s in philly, i drove it out to pa from california last summer and left it in pa. In january while i was visiting it spun a bearing

Sorry all, I haven’t been able to re-schedule this at all during the summer. My weekends have become full of renovation-type work.

I have a bunch of stuff to finish on mine, but would like to see this go down