Massive hesitation leading to car dying. Started back up at first, Now won't start

First off, car is a 1990 Integra GS with a 2nd gen B16A swap running OBD0, manual tranny.

Today I went out for a cruise with some buddies, everything was fine for the first two hours. I then started to notice some hesitation while cornering at speed, this got progressively worse. [example: I’m in 4th at about 3000 RPM just maintaining a steady speed, the car then becomes unresponsive to gas pedal, it very slowly decreases rpm, when the gas is pressed, a somewhat hollow noise is heard, nothing changes rpm wise]. What happened at first was the car would “snap out of it.” Slowly things became worse, the rpm’s would drop so low (remember the engine is unresponsive to pressing the gas), it would die when it finally came to a stop or when out of gear. At first when it died, I was able to start it up again promptly with ease. Again starting it up again progressively got worse. I would have to wait a couple mins before it would start, even then it was a tough start, strong fuel fumes could be smelt. Things eventually deteriorated so much so that the car will not start.

I swapped distributors, exact same issue.
I AM getting spark

Help! Any idea’s on the nature of this problem giving its deteriorating nature?

Fuel pump is just over a year old
Fuel filter is less than a year old
Distributor coil is a couple years old
Cap + Rotor are 2 months old
Recently I cleaned my intake manifold, cleaned injectors and installed new seals, removed PCV system and installed a catch can system via the holes on the back of the block. Every since I did this I’ve had a high, but stable idle (2500ish, sometimes dropping down to 1800 when warm), not sure if this is related or not.

So it appears that I’m getting no fuel pressure at the rail. What’s weird is that I am getting fuel, and the pump does prime (dropped tank to confirm). I’m assuming the pump just has enough left in it to pump low pressure, but can’t go high pressure?

usually when a pump is going, it’ll intermittently work. it won’t pump at a lower pressure. it just either works or it doesn’t.
do you hear the 3 clicks from the main relay? last click accompanied by the cel shutting off?