Master Brake cylinder rebuild??

My brake pedal pushes to the floor regularly now. I know it’s the master cylinder but my question is…

Q. - Are there any parts I could just buy from to rebuild it? Or do I have to buy a whole new assembly?

Good luck finding a rebuild kit for it. Mine went out a month or so ago and I called everywhere but no one had them. Ended up goint to Autozone and getting a rebuilt one. I did take mine apart and check it out before taking it in as a core. Not much too em.

Damn. See I don’t wanna get stuck on the autozone loop like I did with my axles. Should I have any reliability issues with the autozone one? I know they prolly don’t break like axles do but it is a very important part of the whole driving thing…you know…stopping…and I don’t want it to just go out on me. Hell the OEM one has lasted 130k. I want the next one to last 100+k too. But I am poor and AZ might be my only option.

save the headaches and buy a whole new one. i dont think they have a rebuilt kit but they do have a remanufactured one. well for 15 dollars more i got my BRAND NEW! thats with NO core charge.

How much for rebuilt and how much for new? TIA


$163.71 New from
$73.99 - $209 New from NAPA online (
$44.99 - $59.99 Remanufactured from Napa online


master cylinder

Just buy the new one it is the best for your car, treat your car like you would treat yourself. I got my master cylinder form Kragen Auto parts and it only costed me 41.99 total charge with taxes was $103.03 but you get $54.12 back if you return the core, by the way it has limited lifetime warranty…