MD: NEED HELP getting B20/VTEC running

I have a B20 VTEC Swap that has been sitting in the car for the longest time I cant get it running, I get it to crank but no spark. I am looking to find someone in the MD area who can help a guy out, I am sure I can fork over some money for your time or parts as a trade off.
I live in the Annapolis Area.
Can anyone help?

hey sup dude have u checked your grounds… and if not the obious wires, and plug or try the problem i think ur having is your internal coil honda makes shitty ones :)… get an MSD External never will u have this problem…

I havent checked the grounds yet cause I wasn’t even getting spark. I tried the old screw driver in the distributor trick to see if the spark would jump from the screw driver to the plug wire and I got nothing. I will install the grounds today and get to checkin that out just in case… I do have an MSD 6A Box with a blaster coil but the §§§§§ still has the stock case I would have to buy the MSD cap and rotor for it first, reason I left the stock one in there for now is because I drove the car the motor came out of many times… it was a brand new coil. But I could try that as well.

Check the ground on the thermostat, that would lead to your car never starting. Ditch the msd, I’ve seen 2 instances where that was the issue to peoples cars not starting.

the msd box isnt hooked up right now… i am still using the stock ignition

check your distributor or cap and rotor

before anything check grounds and coil… and if all fails than u are stuck with eather the main relay, or even ecu fuse or ecu it self check all… and yes the ground by thermostat is a major one so check it :slight_smile: good luck

hey tim, what you getting into this weekend? I talked to my boy and he said he could come by and help you out. you going to be around Sunday? hit me up…