MD: OEM sedan roof rack, very rare

What i have is an OEM 90-93 integra sedan roof rack

It MIGHT fit a coupe, i have no clue though since i don’t own one anymore to test fit

What you see is what you get

Heres a picture of it on a brand new integra ( by the way that integra looks nice as hell, i wish i could find a GS 4 door with a trunk lip spoiler )

Anywho i was thinking $250 shipped

Shoot me an email at

I am negotiable on the price. Local pickup is preferred but i will have no problem shipping it.

Id give u 100 since u have no attatchments do u have the keys?

I could do $175 but not $100

I’m not sure about the key, i’m getting the rack via a trade tomorrow. Chances are there isn’t a key. Honestly you don’t need the key, the rack is designed so shitty that you can take any random flat object ( like the key for the car ) and stick it through the drainage hole on the back and push up the lock mechanism and pop the cap off

I have the same rack for my 1992 honda accord

Best picture i have of on the accord

its the same thing except the caps are black vs white / silver and i assume the clips are different, my clips are stamped SM4 so i’m sure the integra clips have to be different. I wonder if the overall rack is identical in width.

you are not gonna get 175 for this bro even thou is rare and oem … no way


I’ll just hold onto it them I guess

not to thread jack…but i too have one w the attachment for the ski or snowboard. i was goin to sell mine but also changed my mind. the only bad thing is tryin to find the attachments

I’m sure half of us here don’t need a sky or snowboard attachment since we don’t own that stuff

I’d rather an attachment for something i might actually use, that or a basket.

I hear you but since i do actually snowboard it is use full to me. but glws

Still have the rack?

I could still get it, i never bothered to pick it up since no one wanted it.

whats the lowest you can do??

in other oem parts??

so u still selling it???