Megan 4-2-1 header question

Well im looking to buy a new header because my quick fix ebay header really doesnt fit that great at all and Ive been thinking about the DC header also…ive heard that it fits great and doesnt have too many problems, but i havent heard much about the Megan which is a much better price… I have a 90 teg with a B18A1 and i was wondering if anyone had pictures of how well the Megan header fits their car and how low it sits from the oil pan…and can i keep my cross member…ill be getting a new header to go along with my new engine
Thanks everyone

I have the Megan Racing header on my 93 and I like it. Installation wasn’t hard and the ground clearance is fine and it clears my cross member.

nice :slight_smile: good to hear . even though their going to be a little different…does anyone else have this header???

I have that header and it fit fine and was no problem installing, also the clearance is fine to.

did you have to cut your crossmember??

I ran that header and felt more power when I put a stock b sereis header

i have the megan 4-2-1 on my car. heres the forum i posted the pictures in…

@bigjohntheboss: wtf!! something doesnt sound right here!!

see: low end torque

hope not to much of a lost i just ordered one for $153

just not enough back pressure, from what I understand. Happens with anything bigger than stock.

back pressure i should have ive got a high flow cat a 14’’ glass pack and a 14’’ magnaflow muffler