megan exhuast

i need some help i have some a megan cat back exhaust and im just wondering if it will sound ok or if you guys have any sund clips just wondering what you guys think thanks ( 90 DA )

ive had a megan exhaust on both of my crx’s and now my integra, i wont rock anything alse. the sound is fanaminal and it looks fantactic hanging off the back of the car. i always rock the 4.5inch turbo exhaust that they have and it ROARS! good luck bro

i didnt even kno megan racing made a catback for 2nd gen tegs. ill have to look into that.

i had great resluts with my megan racing header on my old prelude so i’m for sure putting one on my new DA teg. Basically the same design as a DC sports header (for H series. i’m new to B series) but very affordable. Never had any issues with it.

i did a search on the megan catback to no avail (stupid cell phone).

can someone post a link on said catback, please?

maybe he means a megan muffler with catback piping from a previous owner.

yea cuse they only make a cat back for the hf crx