Megan ez street coilover vs. Buddyclub n+

So I’m currently on koni and ground control right now. But I don’t like the rode quality on them. The ride is still bouncy with the extended top hats installed so I want to experience with a full coilover set. I was leaning towards the buddyclub n + but the other day my friend installed his Megan ez streets and rode amazing when it’s slammed. But I don’t know if that will work in my favor because I might have to lower it more than his to get the look he has due to our fenders. So my real question is has anybody experiences with these 2 coilovers? Or does anybody have a different suspension setup they would recommend. Please give me some feedback. Thanks! I will post pictures of my current stance later today. Thanks again

i have buddy clubs. iirc they only make for dc2(which is what i have)

the rear at full height was still extremely slammed, i ended up having a machinist buddy mill me some aluminum spacer for the rear, about 1.5" tall i beleive and i can still slam it.

the front slams too but not as low as the rear, the height adjustment is different than the preload so extended top hats arent a necesity. oh and you will need front dc2 shock forks.

as far as the ride i love mine, nice and crisp. just wish i had a rear sway bar haha

haha sounds like a good suspension. They rode good when they were slammed? Do you have any pics? thanks for the info man…

This is my current stance right now.

i got the function forms type 2s and i like how they ride but the back was lower than the front even with the front lowered so i have to get extended lower mounts for the back. If u want to slam your car without messing with the spring preload get coilovers for a dc or eg and make sure you change the front forks too if u wanna do that

Thanks Da9VersE for the advice but I know haha I’m already running dc suspension. do you have pics of your car?? And have you maxed out your coilovers yet? I’ve been hearing pros and cons about every suspension I’m just confused now. Haha I guess best advice I can get is from experience. :confused:

i dont have any pics of it, plus i had to raise it up cuz i got reffed twice last year and just havent gotten around to re-lowering it.

but yea it still rides good cuz the height adjustment is seperate from the preload adjustment

Da9VersE has a good point about the back being lower, same goes for the buddy clubs

i see your in SD, if you ever see me around say whats up, im pretty sure im the only blue 92 4door lowered with a thule roof rack, at least ive never seen another one haha

lksdG2: Haha aright but thanks for the info. You’re right though i haven’t seen one yet haha but say whats up when you see my car around. I know red DAs are all over SD though. What part of SD do you live?

I live in la mesa and work in downtown and go out to spring valley pretty often too

You gonna sell your ground controls? I hardly see any clean DA’s in SD no more. They’re like diamonds in the the ruff now a days. It seems like the ones i see are always beat up and driven by illegals.

I am currently on skunk2 pro s coilovers and I must say I have a very nice ride I am not dumped but also I am not stock I am some where in between. I personally don’t think its a bumpy ride and I haven’t had any complaints from friends. here is a picture is how my car currently sits sorry for the crappy cell picture.

[QUOTE=brownsuuga01;2224512]You gonna sell your ground controls? I hardly see any clean DA’s in SD no more. They’re like diamonds in the the ruff now a days. It seems like the ones i see are always beat up and driven by illegals.[/

Depending if I like the megans. Interested?? But I know haha I rarely see any clean ones. I want to say I’ve seen a hanful in the past couple years. Sad to say.

Haha no worries thanks for the input though.

Any body interested in buying a koni and g/c setup?!

sure i am… idk if i misunderstood u from one of ur post above. u got DC suspensions fitted onto ur DA?
i seriously dont know the difference between DA and DC suspensions but depending on how much ur asking for cuz i am on a budget and in need of suspension ASAP.

damn ur DA looks good the way it is bro keep it.

my bro’s 90 gs got D2 full coilovers and they ride the best i’ve ever seen and now (5 years) it still rides decent no problems hell 10/10 before and 8/10. now as for my other bro’s DB8 he had Teins and that thing rides just as good too although u’ve gotta consider ride height. bro’s DA9 was dropped bout 2.25in and DB8 was only dropped 1.75in? just a few months ago bro dropped his DB8 to 2.25in and now i am noticing the life getting sucked away from the suspensions. so i am sure that the megan coilovers are gonna go to shit sooner than later if it’s slammed. i’d stay with ur current setup if i were u, unless u really wanna sell it! lol.
just thought that this might help u with deciding wat u want. good luck though.

How much for the GC/koni? I got my DB2 a few years ago. I’m trying make it nice but all the cool aftermarket stuff they used to offer for the chassis has become more rare than the car. So i look like an illegal alien dat cant get a better ride when I cruise it.

lol, koni yellows with ground controls are NOT cheap at all. just the the koni yellows will run about $580 and the ground control springs are about $280!! hell i’ve read up on a few post and it looks like it can’t be used without the proper top hats and that’ll run u about another $150!!! that’s a thousand big ones ur dropping right there.

BUT i’ve looked all around and i’ve never seen a bad thing said about koni and GC! now as for all the other suspensions such as tokicos and kybs i’ve read plenty of bad shit that scares my wallet. do it right the first time a round and save urself some time and money.

Well we’ll see how much the homie wants for them if he like the megans

function form owners has anyone figured out a way to make a spacer for the rear or somebody said extended lower mounts and with the spacer idea did you just have to press some new studs into the mounting plate any help would be greatly appreciated and if theres any machinists out there how much do you think it would run me to have some spacers made. Thank you very much

Hey hundreds08 . I got an asr brace & 24mm sway bar combo I never installed in my teg. I you wanna get rid of those GC’s I could give it to you with some money