Megan Spring install pics included

hey guys i know this is off topic for g2’s but i was hoping for some input. My friend recently bought a set of Megan lowering springs for his 92-96 prelude. He got a shop to install them. After it came outta the shop we notice the front set’s higher then the rear. Well he didn’t mind it but until he took it for a oil change and and it was up on a hoist but when we put the car back down and went for a drive he heard a clunk clunk noise in the rear took it back to the shop and put it up on the hoist we notice that the rear springs when off load in the air would be loose enough to pop off the top mount and had to be guided when the car was back on the ground. I also notice that the springs all had the Megan Racing logo on it and it was all upside down but when looking at the spring when compressed on the ground the top of the spring has tighter wounds then the bottom indicating it was installed right i think. Can anyone please help i know for some reason the front sits higher then the rear and i think it’s cause of the wheel well but my main concern is the rear springs and how they don’t sit tight in the mount PLEASE HELP

this is how the car sits as of right now

Lowering springs do that. Don’t worry about it.
Also, it shouldn’t matter if they were installed “upside down” or not. Springs will act the same either way.

i agree that the springs will act the same either way but the bottom of some springs are made a bit smaller so that they will seat…hope that helps

thanks guy but i still can’t figure out why when the car is in the air the springs come off the mount can any one explain this first time experiencing this problem with a honda

at stock ride height was the front higher then the rear? if so and the springs that are on it arent staggered drop springs, (different drop front and back) then the front WILL be higher. personally i think the drop looks fine.

Lowering springs need to be stiffer than stock springs to prevent the car from bottoming out. As such, there is no pre-load in the springs when they are installed on the shocks. If there were, the car would sit even higher than stock. It’s perfectly normal for a lowering spring to come out of the seat when the wheels are in full droop. You just have to keep an eye on them when you’re dropping the car back down.

To eliminate the problem, you need full coilovers that allow you to adjust the preload independently of the ride height.

ah, so with my sprint setup, i really only need the spring compressor for taking the stock springs off? the Sprint springs will go on the Sprint shocks without a compressor?