Meguiar's PlastX

I know everyone simply hates these headlights, but since I’m using them as a spare set right now while I renew my others, figured I’d clean them up a bit.
Here’s a quick before/after.



10/10 imo.
$5 for a turnout like that is fine with me.

Pics aren’t showing yo.

With the PlastX, you’re going to have to redo it cuz it will get yellow/cloudy again.

Try the teg tips on how to refinish your lights… the turnout will be better and will last longer…


PlastX works great!!, If you want it to stay without yellowing or Hazing you can wax the lights with a synthetic wax.

I used this stuff and didn’t care for it much. it left a haze even after buffing it was quite frustrating. I ended up just using another polish and turned out just fine.