metal scratchin noise and wheel/steering vibration during deceleration

It came back… the haunting, unbearable noise of metal vs metal. The front wheels shake violently as if it was alive like a human, where you’re so angry and clinch your fists so hard, your fists shakes violently as you scream silently, slowly bringing your fists closer to your face.

Well, enough of that. I posted an issue awhile back that I had with my gsr. It only happens when I’m in gear and decelerating with or without the brakes. When I throw it in neutral, the problem disappears. The problem is that there’s loud metal scratching noises which I believe is coming from the tranny and/or axles. The other part of the problem is that my front wheel shakes. I stick my head out of my window and I see it shaking as if I got a bent axle.
Example: but mine’s more violent.

But I don’t think I have a bent axle because if I did, it would be shaking like that all the time, whenever I’m moving. The problem only happens when I decelerate while in gear. You guys think maybe it’s bad axles?

Another reason I think it’s from the tranny is because it only happens when I’m in gear. I can’t really pinpoint the origin of the sound because I can only hear it when I’m moving.

Also from the previous thread, I updated you guys about taking it to a shop and they couldn’t find the problem and that they lied about changing the axles for free. Yeh, they didn’t do anything but at least they didn’t charge me.

Anyone ever experience this or have any idea? I can’t really afford any repairs at the moment so hopefully I can drag this out a bit longer before it gets worse or even more worse than it already is. Thanks.

I would shot for a wheel bearing. Easy to check. Lift tire off ground and than turn the tire by hand left to right and up and down. Should be no play. If there is could be your wheel bearing. That will cause the wheel to shake and metal noise or even your tie rod ends will cause wheel to shake. When your in gear and decelerating you are putting a load on a bearing. Doesnt mean its the tranny.

I went out to my car, lifted it up and checked for play. The driver side is solid, no play. The passenger side has a bit of play. I double checked both side again and there is play on the passenger side. I took off the lugs and retighten them thinking I might have put it uneven. Still the same. I guess it is the bearings. I called a local shop and it cost $120 per wheel and it takes about 1 to 2 hours. Sounds about right? Does it really cost that much? How positive are you that it’s the bearings? It does make sense but that would kill my bank right now and I won’t have any money until after a week.

Thanks for the help posjr!

Cant say i’m sure becuase i’m not there. How far are you from San Jose? I can fix it for you for less. I work on cars on the side here at home. Was there play up and down or left to right. 120 sounds about right. Besides you tell the shop to check your bearing before they replace.

you can read this

dude, i took it to a shop to fix it and thr problem disappeared. OR it could just be a coincidence that when they the replace the wheel bearing, the problem went away. i dont know, it comes on n off but so far its gone. now i see my whole tranny is wet. i might have a broken seal somewhere and im leaking tranny fluid. that’s a different story. im in socal so i can’t meet u up. thanks for the offer!

Your original problem definitely sounds like a bad wheel bearing, so you should be good now. The oil leak could be an axle seal (where the axle meets the tranny), or the oil is migrating down from somewhere else. Make sure your tranny fluid level is good. You can clean the block with some engine degreaser, then drive it on the hwy for a few miles and when you get back, try to see where the oil leak is originating from.

AWW FUCK!!! I drove home from a friend’s house tonight and it came back! Just like it was the first time: very loud and shakes violently but at a slower speed of 30mph instead of 60mph. I’m so sad. $126 down the drain for a wheel bearing change that didn’t do anything. Fuhhhh… =((((

Yeh sam, the leak looks like it’s coming from where the axle meets the tranny. That was my initial thought. Sighs… I’m beginning to seriously believe there’s something wrong with my tranny. Because I recall driving on the freeway to pick up a car cover and during 5th or 4th gear, the clutch slips. I was stepping on the gas pedal down to WOT and the rpm would go up but my speed doesn’t go. That’s when the clutch is slipping right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Man, everything went bad when I got my axles changed. It was just starting to click and I decided to have it replaced. After the replacement, ABS light came on, braking was weird, the damn noise and wheel shake, car won’t start sometimes, etc. FUCK! =((

Another possibility is that the new axle isn’t seated completely into the tranny. If you paid a shop to do the job, ask them to check the axle again and the brake pads while their at it. I have seen this several times. When the C-clip on the end of the axle doesn’t seat into the tranny completely, the axle can actually come out of the tranny far enough that it will make a grinding noise and your tranny doesn’t transfer the power to the wheel.

Take it back to the shop and tell them to check to see if the axle is seated completely, all you have to do is pull on it and if it moves at all out of the tranny, it isn’t seated.