MI: DA parts for sale

I got some stuff laying around that i need gone. will trade some stuff a nice shift knob or something or integra da seats/ parts.
email: m.morgan1320@gmail.com
text: 340-626-4614

paypal: lilmikel58@hotmail.com (made this account way back in the day lol)

two set of 90-91 coupe tail lights (works on 92-93). $40

manual gauge cluster reading 113,721 miles on it. SOLD!!!

thule roof rack not in the best shape of its life and doesn’t have the cool looking thule plate on the front. someone stole it. SOLD!!!

90-91 integra front lip with 3 or 4 broken tabs. still bolts up fine. $20
b18a1 throttle body $10
90-93 integra stock intake with 2 broken tabs. still works fine. $10
b16 oem header. SOLD!!!

94- integra gsr bare intake manifold. broke a fuel rail stud in it and i am to lazy to take it out. SOLD!!!

b-series manual starter $20 dolla

clear integra da turn signals $10

90-91 integra rear bumper $20

just was told a speedo i was looking at was suspect. what’s your paypal? and if you get pics of the roof rack, and if it has the clips necessary to put on to a db, lemme know, i’m interested

tailights shipped to 11372 CAgudelo87@gmail.com

Infamouzlinkz I emailed you the price with shipping.

i just updated my info my paypal and stuff is up there. As for the fitment on a db I am not sure if it will. Check this chart thing out


i’m ready to send the money for the dash

You mean for the cluster? Am ready to ship it out. my paypal is lilmikel58@hotmail.com. I will also get a tracking number for you.

i’m about to paypal you the money for the cluster, you should have it in less than 5 minutes

ok. can you give me your number so I can text you when its shipped and give you the tracking info.

it will be shipped first thing monday morning. the post office is closed.

i know the post office was closed yesterday as well, my number is 843 543 1132. when you text, let me know who you are, cuz i’m bad about ignoring unknown numbers

lets get this stuff gone.

Still have the tail lights?

yup. but i am out of town.

back in town.

Hey you still got the stock intake? If so how much shipped to 77089??

i will check how much shipping would be tomorrow.

23 buxs shipped. my paypal is lilmikel58@hotmail.com

Nice. How much to throw the corners in too?

for the corners just add 10 to it. so 33 for the air box and corners shipped.