MI: Old coilovers not being used just need one!! Something CHEAP!!

Hi guys im looking for someone who has maybe a old set of coilovers or mainly just a sleeve and perch. im trying to experiment and i just need 1 or 4 but something cheap . dont want to buy a set because they wont be able to be used when im done with them
please text me or respond on here if you have to.

Thanks a bunch guys and gals


Buy a set of those cheap eBay coilovers for $19 lol


lol great idea except there 50 not 19 otherwise i would have already got them , unless you can point me to were they sell them that cheap

doubt you gona find anything new/used cheaper

I have no idea where to buy shitty coilovers other then eBay lol

Ebay is going to have the cheapest prices for generic coilovers. You can try to find used ones on forums or craigslist but finding cheaper than ebay will be hit or miss - you totally can, but might be waiting months to find that deal. (might check amazon too, but generally the two are the same or ebay slightly cheaper)

Also, piecing together threaded collars and perches from somewhere like Summit, Day Motosports…etc would most likely still be more expensive than the cheap ebay kits.

Yeah thats why i was hoping to find someone on here that had an old shitty set or was missing one or a car that was in a accident considering i only need one. Oh well i gues ill buy them from ebay eventually

Ive got a set of cheap ebay springs and the threaded sleeve or whatever it is. I dont have any pics at the moment but it might be what you are looking for.

what are you lokking to get for them shipped to 48067? i only need one unless all three for an awesome price

Shoot me an email at loweredsierra97@yahoo.com